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My name is Ted. I'm a 67-year-old man who lived most of his life as a right-wing conservative, Evangelical Christian! I was born into a traditional Jewish home but, by the age of 13, after I got my bar mitzvah for money, I was pretty much done with it. Although, I still was in fear of this God, a God that was going to get me for doing the wrong thing or not being religious enough. At age 34 I became a Christian, that was 33 years ago, and up until last year, I was a Christian. For me, the idea of being saved from my sinful nature was beautiful, but the thing is, you are never saved enough. I was constantly reminded through scripture that I was a sinful human being, having been ‘born into sin’. I don't remember exactly how I started doubting or looking into the origins of Christian theology but at a certain point, I didn't believe it anymore. I was continually racked with guilt and feelings of being a bad human, because that's how human beings are, we're bad. At a certain point, I realized that I had just been miserable my whole life. I'm not just blaming religion, my upbringing certainly played a role. I started to realize that the whole system is here to make me feel less than. In all cases, I did realize I was miserable and I didn't want to be miserable anymore, and I was willing to do absolutely anything. To do that meant taking a huge leap out of my comfort zone. The last thing I would have ever entertained doing was dealing with anybody who has anything to do with any sort of spiritism outside of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, because that is for sure a sentence to hell. So, I was looking for somebody to facilitate a psilocybin journey for me, because I had read so many places that it could actually bring about a change of thinking or give you a new concept. A new perception of how the world was. So I put out a message on the FB Psychedelic board looking for somebody to facilitate a psilocybin experience. Amy got in touch with me and we started talking on the phone. While speaking with Amy and giving her some of my background, suddenly I felt a warm love in my chest. That's the only way I can describe it. A palpable heat, love wave came over me and it was clearly from outside of me. I said to her “did you do that?” and she said “yes”, she had done that and she has the ability to do that. In my whole 60 some odd years of being a religious person and believing in a God, I had never ever had a spiritual experience wherein I felt something come from outside of me, and let me know that it loved me. This was life-changing from the jump. We made an appointment and after a couple of weeks, I went to see her. It was strange for me as I've always been a very conservative person in my life, and of course in my religion and my politics. So you can imagine when a lady asked me to stand in a bowl and put a bowl on my head, how I felt. This was way outside of my comfort zone but I went with it because I absolutely knew that right wrong or indifferent, this woman was completely sincere and wanted only to show me the love that the universe has to offer, my words not hers. She worked on me for about 3 hours. I can't remember all that happened, it seemed to me to be witchcraft or very shamanistic with my very small view of what that world is; but I went with it anyway because I could not stand my thinking anymore. When she was finished we went downstairs, I was elated, I was in love with the universe, I was happy, I was higher than I'd ever been, and I took no drug. I realized that what I wanted from her in a psilocybin experience I got without any drug whatsoever. Since that day my life is completely different from what it ever was. Even as an old man, I view the world with childlike wonder now. I'm amazed at the creation. I can actually stand and stare at the grass or a flower, or a tree and just soak it all in, and love it. I often have moments of pure Bliss. It is work, no question about it. She gave me a lot of things to study and I'm a terrible student. It always was hard for me to read, but I glean a lot from what she gave me. I could go on and on, but I am so thoroughly, absolutely thankful to this woman. Before Amy, I was terrified of a boogie man, God the creator of the universe, but I was his bad, bad, child destined for hell. Now I know that I am the center of the universe and that everything I see, hear, believe, or perceive, comes from inside of me. A week after my experience with Amy I got a call from a woman that I had known and worked with for 25 years. We were good, good friends, but immediately when I got the call from her, when I picked up the phone, I knew this was part of the magic that Amy had introduced into my life. This woman and I are now a very happy couple. Somebody might think it's a coincidence but for me, there is absolutely no doubt that this is because of my meeting with Amy. I continue to meditate and now use psilocybin semi-regularly to learn more about the universe. I remember when talking to Amy, I was very apprehensive about seeing her because in my mind this was witchcraft. When I went to see her for the first time she said “do you have any questions?” and I said “no, as long as Satan doesn't show, up I'm cool”. Amy said “my light is way too bright for that bastard”, and so, it definitely is. I have met with Amy exactly twice in person. Yeah, there is this absolute love connection between us. I always feel her with me and I'm so very, very thankful to her for a new Happy bright life. Thank you Amy, I love you.

I want to take a few moments to talk about Amy Jackman. This woman came into my life and gave me clear-cut directions on how to live & love unconditionally at a capacity that I didn’t even know was possible. I had been told many times I needed to have my energy cleansed, that many blessings were being ‘blocked’ Now, let me just say, I didn’t comprehend what that meant, and didn’t really have any reason to believe it was true because in my eyes, my life was fine. Amy swooped in and cleared my energy, on a soul level. A lot of those ‘things’ have been cleared for me. I don’t even notice until something happens that triggers a trauma response. I’m blown away by the work this woman does. My life, since my clearing, has been insane. I have a hard time catching all the blessings that are coming at me. She has changed my life in a really big way, more like gargantuan. To reiterate, on a soul level, I’m not the same person I was before working with Amy. I don’t think the same way, I don’t have the same perspectives, and I don’t at all feel the same way. Just pure love and understanding. Thank you, Amy. I can’t wait to work with you again to see what else we can unlock. -Camille Trim

I am REALLY digging this mental and spiritual health resource in our community. I was blessed to have a private session with my family. Ive felt the positive effects of my session for a couple of weeks. I noticed my daughter's energy level increase, totally positively impacted both school and at home. My house is cleaner lol, we are showing more affection to each other in general. It's like a love gate had been opened. It's been like the honeymoon we didn't have with my husband. So grateful 🙏 I can't recomend this enough. At first I thought I didn't have the $ or time. Totally crazy, all we have is time and the money has been pouring in. Do yourself a favor; check it out, schedule a session. I'm going for the women's group Sunday. I'd love to see my friends who are struggling, actually all my girlfriends to go! What do you have to loose?! -Jessica Johnson

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