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Tap into Your Divine Source for Healing & Transformation

Source * Connection * Healing



Release Trauma Trapped in the Body, Central Nervous System, & Auric Field

Release Fear, Shame, Trauma, & Lack Through Somatic Release via Focused Intention Using Somatic Dance, Quantum Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Sacred Breath (work) & Plant Medicines. (Optional)

This Transformative Journey Encompasses Profound Healing Across Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Dimensions.

The Breath of Life ~

The pivotal force in healing and expansion is our connection to 'Source' energy.

The overlooked practice of mindful breath holds transformative power, healing our physical bodies and elevating mind and spirit beyond comprehension. This process transcends and releases entrenched mindsets and programmed paradigms.


Breathing is an Autonomic Response Regulated by the Medulla Oblongata, which Encompasses the Vegus Nerve. The Vegus Nerve, the Longest Cranial Nerve, runs from the Brain Stem through the Neck, down into the Thoracic/Lungs, and Into our Abdomen.

The Vegus Nerve is Responsible for Receiving & Sending ‘Messages’ from the Gut to the Brain.

(Mood/Emotion/Immunity...) & (Intuition)

It is also the System that Carries Electrical Waves Into the Heavenly Spheres, Connecting us w/ the Quantum Field & Source Energy.

As our Cultured Programming Sets the Framework for our Every Thought and Feeling, Our Work, Family, and Daily Surroundings Create Emotions Based on Our 'Beliefs' and Perceptions.

These Emotions are Carried from the Gut to the Brain, Which then Dictates the kind of Response Our Bodies React with, through Breath and Muscle/Central Nervous System Tension/Stress, and Much More. 


*Not all Breathwork is Strenuous* 

  • A Gentle & Fluid Breath Can Release: 

  • Negative Self-Talk

  • Limiting Beliefs & Behaviors

  • Stuck Emotions that Create Physical Dis-Ease,

  • Anxiety & Negative Behaviours & Boundaries to a Happy, Healthy Life.


We Forge Our Sacred Connection through Ancient & Mindful Practices & Rituals. Establishing Heart-Brain Coherence, Engaging w/ the Elements, and Entering the Quantum Field through Heart-Centered Intention, Music, Dancing... Weaving... 

In surrender, we unite with our innate state of being. This journey is a remembrance of who we truly are, shedding the masks adorned since youth.


With Your Fierce Commitment to Soul Discovery, Guided Practices and rituals, alongside Nourishing Foods, Vital Cannabinoids, Breath(work), & Plant Allies, You Will Release Energetic Ties to Trauma & Programming.

Gain New, Insightful Knowledge & Wisdom that Will Guide Your Soul Into a State of Peace, Knowing, Love, & Self-Empowered Change.

This transformation Will Alter Your Consciousness, Raising Your Energetic Signature to Elevated & Synergistic States of Existence, So that You May Attract Abundance, Continued Growth, Healing & Expansion, & Manifest Your Dreams & Desires Into Your Physical Reality.


What is Expected of You...

This Path Requires Deep Contemplation & Honorable Commitment to Yourself.

It is the way of the Healer/Shaman to Embody the Full Essence of One's Desires & Fears, by Doing the 'Hard Work'. 

We will Give You the Tools and Guide You Every Step of the Way, but YOU Must Take Control of Your Own Healing & Destiny.  (Take Back Your Power)

YOU Must (Learn to) LOVE Yourself Enough to Release Judgement of the Unkown & Embrace a New Paradigm & Reality. 

A New Reality Is Much Closer then You Realize!

The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You ~Rumi

Who We Are...

We are more than a collective of dedicated individuals; we are a harmonious fusion of spirit, wisdom, and transformative offerings. Rooted in profound spirituality, we draw from a wealth of wisdom cultivated through firsthand experiences, master courses, higher education, and collaborations with indigenous healers and shamans. Our commitment extends beyond conventional education, reaching into the heart of source knowledge.

We embody our passions graciously, offering a unique blend of soulful practices, guided rituals, and ancient wisdom. All designed to release energetic ties to trauma and elevate your consciousness.

Join us on this journey of soul discovery, where our boundless love, dedication to wisdom, and transformative offerings converge to guide you toward a state of peace, knowing, love, and self-empowered change.


We Are More than a Community –

We Are a  Conduit for Your Spiritual Evolution.

Upcoming Retreats

  • Week of Introspective Healing - Women's Alcohol Free Retreat
    Week of Introspective Healing - Women's Alcohol Free Retreat
    Tue, Sep 03
    Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Sep 03, 2024, 12:00 PM CST – Sep 08, 2024, 3:00 PM CST
    Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Sep 03, 2024, 12:00 PM CST – Sep 08, 2024, 3:00 PM CST
    Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Embark on a sacred odyssey of healing and self-discovery, guided by ancient plant wisdom, expert healers & a Licensed Psychologist. Unleash your potential, awaken to profound insights, and embrace a life of empowerment and transformation.
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